For over 25 years, Agro Arts has been creating everything from the fun and fantastical to the downright serious. Our team of talented artists, craftspeople and subcontractors, have successfully designed, created and managed numerous creative projects using materials which range from the industrial to the traditional. We understand that each project is unique and therefore take a site specific, client-based approach to each one of our commissions. This means that we adapt the style of the artwork or exhibit to directly appeal to the client's desired aesthetic. This approach provides the opportunity to combine creativity and innovation in order to meet the scope, budget, and criteria your project requires.


We design and build artworks, exhibits, environments and objects of all kinds and enjoy each new creative challenge. Generating ideas, consulting with clients and immersing ourselves in the process of creation is where our passion lies. We strongly believe in fostering close working relationships with our clients who range from museums, theme parks, interpretive centres, corporate/private clients, cultural institutions, designers/architects, hospitals, airports and film/tv to community organizations, government, schools, etc. To each new project we bring our extensive technical knowledge, skills and decades of experience. Disciplines include, but are in no way limited to - design, sculpture, painting, airbrushing, fabrication, graphics/illustration, woodworking, moldmaking/casting, metalwork and more.



We go to the greatest lengths to create finished works that exceed our clients' expectations. As specialists in design and fabrication, we have the experience and expertise to create designs balanced with creativity and practicality that make a memorable and enjoyable outcome for our clients and their end-users. 


Have a challenging artistic project you need designed and created? Don’t have any ideas of your own or have you existing designs?

Let Agro Arts take care of your project from concept to creation.

If you need a project quote or consultation, please don’t hesitate to call or email.