Through the wide array of services we offer, our clients are afforded the peace of mind that all aspects of their projects are taken care of on schedule and on budget. Able to work in a multitude of media, we produce works in most any style, scale and materials. Our clients range from museums, theme parks, interpretive centres, corporate/private clients, cultural institutions, designers/architects, hospitals, airports and film/television to community organizations, government, schools and you.


We provide a fully integrated service including :



-project management

-budgeting and cost estimation

-research and concept development

-design drawings and maquettes

-creation and fabrication

-project installation and support




  Most clients come to us with a vague or only partial idea of what they want for their artistic project. Even if the information supplied to us are mere adjectives, we can take that knowledge and create unique, dynamic designs that are above and beyond your expectations. Exploring and refining a concept is the most important part of any project and a solid foundation is the basis for an outstanding final result.  As design specialists, we have the experience and expertise to create designs balanced with creativity and practicality that make a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your customers. 





Whatever your project design requirements, through these steps we can guarantee that our work meets and  exceeds your standards and approval.




     We go to the greatest lengths to create finished works that are nothing less than extraordinary!  Any theme, any scale, any style, and most any medium.  After our designs are approved by the client or, if the client has existing designs, we follow those to the letter in order to make sure the final product is exactly what is desired. We thrive on tackling new and exciting challenges that test our abilities and versatility. 


    - SCULPTURE - 3D / RELIEF / INTERACTIVE -  fiberglass, concrete, metal, polyurethane foam, EPS foam, plastilina,  clay, polymers, wood, acrylic, etc...


    - HANDPAINTING & AIRBRUSHING - fine art paintings, murals, faux finishes, latex, acylics, oils, automotive, epoxy, glazes, stains, enamels, etc...


    - WOODWORKING - carving, furniture, signs, etc...


    - METAL FABRICATION - sculpture, decorative silhouettes, signs, etc...